Folding Pocket Squares

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The Best Ways to Fold Pocket Squares and Handkerchiefs

We should always be more concerned on the methods to fold pocket squares or pocket handkerchiefs before considering how to display them in your suit breast pocket. Without the proper knowledge of folding it nicely, displaying the hanky at its best on your suit would definitely not be possible.

The method to fold pocket squares and pocket handkerchiefs is slightly different. Let us focus more on the fabrics used. With linen or cotton, the fabric is able to hold up better and so there are more varying
styles of folding it. For those silk fabrics, the weave would be too soft for the square to be folded with crisp. So it would make more sense in learning how to tuck it into your breast pockets with style by using the Puff.

The art to fold pocket squares or pocket handkerchiefs should be to avoid looking too contrived or studied. It should give an effortless and casual feel in its folds. We would not want the pocket hankies to draw
too much attention.

Remember that we wear the clothes and not the clothes wearing us especially for such accessories. It should be displayed and folded such that it is stylish and yet relaxed in feel.

So commonly we would angle our pocket handkerchiefs to an angle toward our shoulder and also arranged in an irregular manner to show a slight nonchalance.

The following pictures are abstracted from There are more variations of folding pocket handkerchiefs from them, but I would only be discussing 4 major folds and 2 types of puffs.

TV Folds
This is a very conservative style where the handkerchief is folded such that one stripe on the horizontal side of it is revealed about ½ inches above the breast pocket. This is a very popular style in the 1940s to 1950s
because many TV celebrities wore their pocket handkerchiefs in this manner.


One Point Fold:
The concept of one point fold is derived from TV fold. From the way it is folded to the way it is placed, we can sense the similar conservative and traditional perspective as TV folds. The only difference is the
pointed corner being revealed that breaks the symmetry found in TV folds.


Two Point Fold:
For the first step, fold the square down to a four and one-half inch square. Rotate the square so a point is up. Do not, however, overlap the point you are folding onto the top point. Instead, fold the bottom
right point up to the left of the top point (they should look like two mountain peaks).

Two Point Fold Pocket Handkerchiefs

Three-Point or Four Point Fold:
A very popular way to fold pocket squares. The more points it has the more conspicuous it becomes. Therefore, we should be warier in the way we place into our breast pocket. Always attempt to tuck in deeper into the pocket and adjust it with a feel of nonchalance.


This is the best method for folding pocket squares made of silk fabric. It gives a swell above the breast pocket with a small puff.


Reverse Puff:
This has the same concept as puff but placing it the opposite way. Using this method always gives a very casual appearance and yet a nice flowery finishing exposed above the breast pocket.

Reverse Puff Pocket Handkerchiefs

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