Here is just some of the Feedback that we receive…

Hi guys, Not sure if you will remember but we got four suits from you a couple of months ago for my wedding?
Just to say it all went off without a hitch and the suits, and accessories, just blew everyone away – we all felt the dogs and rightly so as I think it’s fair to say that they looked top notch and the look just spanned the generations from the old gits to the toned young things!! I got SO many comments about where the suits had come from!

My missus was just stunned by look having been a bit sniffy about a potential ‘retro’ look and cried her eyes out at how good me and the boys looked.

I can’t thank you enough for the unique situation that you allowed me to create – I even kept the tie on until midnight – I just couldn’t spoil the look!

I have attached one photo but will send a couple when the professional ones come through – cheers

Mark, Barry, Jack & Sam



I hunted for an age for some ‘pukka shmutter’, I looked at the usual suspects like JTG, Aceface etc. but then I found Adams Sheners ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of fine clothing whilst walking down the Portobello Road one day. So I stepped inside his shop, feeling a bit like Mr. Benn & found what I was looking for, top quality authentic Mod/60s suits (which are cut to perfection) shirts, coats & accessories which are produced using only the very finest British cloth. Suffice it to say, I am now a total devotee of Adam Shener¦ A big thanks to Adam, Ritchie & Jeremy.



“Going to Adam of London, is not just a trip to the shops it’s an experience! As soon as you walk through the door, you are met with great staff who know the products inside out and are willing to spend the time with you, making sure you get exactly what you came in for and sometimes something you hadn’t even considered. The best thing about Adam of London however is whatever event you’re going to, you can be reasonably sure that no one will be dressed the same as you, and everybody will want to be in the suit you’re wearing. Not only are the suits beautifully cut with gorgeous fabrics but they are amazing value for money and their range of shirts are also beautifully made, and that’s the reason I keep going back there year after year.“



“Simply the best tailors in West London. I have 7 suits and 6 are from Adam. Great tailoring service and a hugely helpful team which guarantees you leave the shop looking twice as good as the cost of your purchase. Can’t recommend them highly enough.“



“Great service every time I visit. Style and quality of clothes are second to none. Highly recommended.”


“Probably the best edgy tailor in London bar none. Deserve to grow and prosper. Friendly staff and the clothes are better than any label selling at three times the price. Knockout!”


“Tailors with history, will be making the suits for the quadrophenia sequel speaks volumes.”


Staff Jeremy and co are superb friendly, chatty and very knowledgeable and proud of the products they sell and rightly so.



Purchased 2 off suits both needed alterations to trousers which were carried out very quickly (at a small cost).



Attention to detail and quality are top notch.



Tried a number of suits on with Jeremy being spot on with his view on suitability for me spending some good time to ensure I purchased something that was correct for me, making boots and shoes available to try with suits and to get correct trouser length.


The quality of their product is second to none and at what I consider to be good value, suits to last.


Will I be visiting again to purchase?
Most definitely AND will be recommending to friends.



The shop is a few minutes’ walk from Ladbroke Grove tube station, went on a Saturday when street-market was on which is well worth a couple of hours wandering around if adjustments to clothing are required.



Top quality, top staff, top, top shop.



If you’re looking to purchase a quality garment then visit Adams of London I doubt you will be disappointed.”


“I don’t think there’s been one time I’ve worn one of their suits that someone hasn’t complimented me on it. The design and materials used would set you back substantially more on the “High Street” from so-called Major brands, and that’s if you can find anything close. Seriously one of London “best known, hidden gems” 5 ***** all day long. See you again soon. A Loyal Customer”



I ordered a suit off of you late last week. Delivered to my work this morning. That is no mean feat as we’ve been fog-bound in Jersey for most of the last week. They’re thinking of twinning St Helier with Brigadoon it’s been that foggy!



From ordering it, to receiving it the service has been absolutely brilliant.



I know you pay a bit extra, well quite a bit extra, but I’ve got stuff from you that’s 5 years old and it looks pristine still, unlike some suits that I’ve had from other places that have fallen apart after a year.



Fantastic quality, and a classic design which means I can wear it for years and it will always look great. I’ll fall apart before the suit does.“ Thank’s Folks!

Mr Adam, Jeremy, Richie,

Nice to see you all again just now. I’m delighted to say that The Boss is extremely impressed with the end result – ‘perfect’ was the word used. I’m happy with ‘The Double Dogs Bollocks’ myself…

So it looks like she’s still happy to marry me, thanks guys 😉 I’ll send you a couple of pics when we finally get round to it. Meantime I’ll spread the word…

Thanks a million again fellas 😉


Richard Somerville



Took a look around with my mate, ‘Big Dave’, on a Saturday and left a few quid lighter. Excellent place and a genuine and friendly service. The guys could not do enough for us. Some really natty threads and great quality as well. Even had a call from Richie later (cheers mate) regarding a response to an enquiry that I had. Quality and service together: rare enough on their own in this day and age however, together? Almost unheard of; I will definately be back!

Thanks again chaps.

Shaun Harkness, Elgin, Morayshire


I bought a suit and Crombie from Adam for the opening night party of ‘Our House the Musical’ after seeing the suits and coats which Adam supplied for the show. That was 11 years ago and I still have it and wear it regularly! I wore it to the 10th anniversary of the show last year!

Paul Bielecki, Kemble.


“Called in Friday for a whistle, to see Jeremy, who sorted me out with a great suit. Knows his clobber. Great shop”.

Alan Brennan, Cabby, London, UK



Great shop, the suits are impeccable and really do look the dogs b*llocks! The boys in the shop are a great help and funny with it as well. All in all, a great experience and I’ll be back soon for sure.”

Nick Usher


“Excellent quality and service, Adam and Jeremy are legends!”

Nina Baker



“Great place great people. Thank you, guys. Worth every penny”

Guti Gut



“Fabulous shop like the proverbial Aladdin’s cave, great service and great clothes. This is the one stop shop for Mods wanting a proper suit. Thank you for a great experience, I will be coming from Essex too visit you all again soon.”

Alan Peat



“These guys know their suits and a proper fit. I came into the shop and Jeremy sized me up perfectly…I mean really perfectly. After buying an Adam of London suit the other suits out there (even the higher priced ones) just seem ill-fitting. The cut is just wonderful and the suits are superb. I don’t buy suits from elsewhere any more. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!”

“Vidur Sahney, San Francisco, U.S.A.



“If you want a suit so sharp you’ll cut yourself on it, then Adams is the place. Great product, great service… these guys really know their stuff.”

Michael Leonard.


“Gotta be the most authentic men’s suit shop around. I’d say it’s the Rock n Roll brand of the suit world. Top quality service provided by Richie and Jeremy both super friendly to boot. Stop by they will kit you out dapper!”

Natalie Percy.