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Below you can request having your personal data collected by this website sent to you in an e-mail.

Below you can browse services which collect your personal data on this website. Check services you wish to be forgotten by. This will send a request to website admin. You will be notified by e-mail once this is done.
WP Comments
WordPress Comments are data entered by users in comments
WordPress Posts
WordPress posts author data
WP User Data
WordPress user data stored as user meta data in database
Below you can send a request for website admin to rectify your data. Enter what you would like to be rectified. You will be notified by e-mail once this is done.

We have the following GDPR Compliance:

Right to be forgotten

Easily accessible form for our users to request deletion of stored data.

Personal Data Access

Dedicated form for our users to access currently stored personal data.


Pseudonymize user data stored in database and make all our user’s information safe even in case of breach.

Privacy by Design

Manage, encrypt and erase all of our user’s data easily via our Back-End admin panel

Services Consent

Predefined integrations for most popularWP plugins with status.

Cookies consent

Bespoke box for Cookie Consent and block all cookies until cookie consent is given.

Terms & Conditions pages

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages until consent is given.

Breach notification

Send global email notifications to all our users about data breach, in case it happens.

Data Portability

All our user data can be easily exported to json format or text files with an option to automatically send it via email.


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